Southern Cape Fire Protection Association


Main purpose of the Southern Cape Fire Protection Association (SCFPA):
The SCFPA is a registered Non-Profit Company and all funds received by the company, by law, must be used to improve the services it provides to its members. This is done through a wide range of activities, programs and services.
All is summed up in the phrase “Integrated Fire Management”, which includes: early warning systems such as AFIS, automated weather stations, lightning detection system, daily FDI’s from the South African Weather Service, as well as equipment (handheld tools, vehicles, radios etc.), drone assistance, awareness, meetings, fire risk assessment, National Veld and Forest Fire Act assistance and advice, training (basic, ICS, simulations etc.), fire management plans, smoke detection plans, Fire Management Unit (FMU) management, firefighting management, including aerial support organization, Working on Fire teams with management and transport for prevention and suppression, support with fire related issues on local, district and provincial level and discount on different levels for members.
For the past three years, the SCFPA was well funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through their Global Environmental Facility (GEF). This funding has stopped at the end of December 2015. We have used these funds and support to strengthen the SCFPA, its members and the role the SCFPA can play within its area of jurisdiction. All funding allocation was presented at each and every Annual General Meeting (AGM).
As these funds are now depleted, we are searching for additional funding so that we can improve our services to our members.
We are currently running a programme to give our members, partners and members of the public a chance to donate additional funds to the SCFPA. We will use these funds to improve all the above mentioned services and more, to you as a member. The SCFPA receives very little funding from the government and private institutions and relies heavily on membership fees, contributions and donations.

For any additional information, please contact our office at (044) 302 6912.

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If you have any difficulties, please phone our head office at 044 302 6900.


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Southern Cape Fire Protection Association

· Private Bag X12, Knysna 6570
· Tel: 044 382 0629