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The SCFPA relies heavily on its partners, members and other landowners. The best way to reach all of these people and most importantly; the not-yet members is through news articles in local newspapers. In these news articles we give the people information about the SCFPA, its advantages and how we can assist, as well as highlights of recent fires, prevention strategies, acknowledgements, training, threats etc. We usually post in the following newspapers and/or websites: Suid-Kaap forum, George Herald Express, Knysna-Plett Herald, AgriEDEN website, AgriEco, Landbouweekblad, Working on Fire newsletter and website. As well as EDEN FM radio station.

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Fire risks under scrutiny

GEORGE NEWS - "Wild fire is an intricate part of the natural system, but when invasive alien plants
enter the equation wild fire can become a deadly and destructive enemy. Because of a high
biomass density (large mass of organic matter like branches and leaves), fires fuelled by invasive
alien plants are severe and extremely hot," said Benjamin Walton of Cape-Nature following talks
between local organisations who recently came up with a fire prevention strategy.

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Controlled fires to create fire-breaks

GEORGE NEWS - The controlled veld fire started by the George Fire Department on Monday to the
east of Denneoord, and the Municipal Waterworks, had homeowners peering anxiously as it spread
further eastward, to the north of Bergsig. On Tuesday at 17:00, Bergsig residents looking
northwards could see flames flaring up to the treetops in the far distance.

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BAAM helps George weather a storm

GEORGE NEWS - In an effort to develop climate-resilient communities, Santam has handed over a
completed installation of an Early Warning Disaster (EWD) System and polycom - a state-of-theart
electronic message billboard - to the George Municipality on Wednesday 11 September.

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Stark choice could save landowners millions

Landowners in rural areas face a stark choice regarding the danger of runaway wildfire.
They can ignore the risk it poses to their life and property – and those of their neighbours – or they can join the efforts to manage this risk, reducing it dramatically- and save themselves the costs of being sued for millions.
There is a sound model for managing the risk of wildfire, and a solid track record showing that this approach works.

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Fynbos, Fire and Climate Change

The Climate dice are loaded in favour of bigger wildfires that are more difficult to control - and unless we develop a greater understanding of how to manage wildfire it will become increasingly difficult to reduce the damage to people, the economy and the environment.

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